Mandalyn was born with a love of music in her soul

Being classically trained, Mandalyn started competing in various competitions at a young age. In her late teens, she started performing at live venues. Mandalyn’s background includes studio work, voice overs, vocals, song writing, and solo recordings.  Her experiences have prepared her to be a successful front woman in a multi genre band for over 15 years.

With her 3rd Place finish at the 2024 International Blues Competition, Mandalyn has proven to be a tremendous force in the world of blues, enthralling listeners with her powerful storytelling and soul-stirring performances. Her songs remind us of the blues' timeless capacity to touch our souls and mend our hearts, and they stand as a tribute to that power.

Mandalyn has decided to take a different approach with her music, her new breakout single “WRECKED” released spring 2020.  “WRECKED” is a sultry mix of powerhouse vocals, crying strats, and an overall seductive blues sound that will leave you breathless.